Ever do dumb stuff? Say dumb things? It’s kinda my thing. I’m getting better at not doing it as much, but I think sometimes God lets me do it to keep me humble. A few weeks ago at church I was doing the announcements (which is pretty much the youth pastor’s sermon (lol)). I decided to use a line from a movie which I find very funny, but which makes no sense and confuses people who have no reference point – which pertaining to this movie, in our church is probably almost everybody. I forgot to consider that second part, and when I said the line hardly anyone laughed and I got some glazed and dazed looks. I just finished my announcements, prayed for the offering, and went off to my class. I was hoping it wouldn’t come up again and just tried to move on putting it behind me. Over a week passed and nobody mentioned it, so I thought I was good. But in staff meeting today I made another one of those funny-in-my-own-mind statements and it triggered a reminder in my pastor’s head who said, “That’s kinda like that thing you said in church last week. Where were you going with that?” Crap! I didn’t bother trying to explain it, leaving it at the fact that it was funny to me but I probably should have just kept it to myself. Oh well. I think of a statement I heard somewhere recently: Bringing up the past only muddies your future. Just moving on. Trying to live and learn. Thank You Jesus for your grace through which I can continue on.

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