This morning we were up at 6am and packed up and on the road by 7:30am. We headed up north through the rain forest to Puerto Viejo where we’re staying until Wednesday. This evening we drove an hour away from our hotel and ministered in a small church. Before the service we went door to door giving out flip flops and bags of toiletries and inviting people from the community to come to the church for the service. Many did and we had perhaps 40 people there plus our team. The children of the church had prepared a special in honor of our coming and sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart” for us in English. So precious! We then did dramas, singing, testimonies, and I preached. A few people responded to receive Christ and we also had a time of ministry to the people of the church. When we finished they served us some fruit. They’re praying for a big revival in the area, and they asked me if I would return tomorrow night to preach again while the team goes to another church. People are inviting the unsaved of the community, so please pray for many to give their lives to Christ. Thank you!

If you can zoom in, you can actually see the smoke rising out of an active volcano at about 9 o’clock.
Dinner in the rainforest!

The bats hanging in the rafters outside our room. Well, we shouldn’t have any problems with mosquitos! lol!
Little girl excitedly showing me the ground where a new church will soon stand.
The children sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart” in English as a special gift for us for coming.

With the pastors.

2 thoughts on “Costa Rica – Monday

  1. So good to hear from you babe! I love you and miss you glad to hear what the Lord is doing there in CR. please don't put any bugs in your mouth!! 🙂 get some rest! Natis sends her love too! Kisses!

  2. Loving the posts! My question is: did you eat the grasshopper?
    I'm praying for your time there.

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