Here are some of the Roller Coaster pics I’ve picked up through the years.

Apollos Chariot, Busch Gardens, VA 2001:
Pulled our shirts over our heads and put our shoes on our hands.
Hypersonic, King’s Dominion, VA 2002:
Was difficult trying to make faces going like 80 MPH.
Ricochet, King’s Dominion, VA 2002:
This was a kiddie ride, so we all just got silly. Yep, that’s really my hair!
Anaconda, King’s Dominion, VA 2003.
Journey to Atlantis, Sea World San Diego, CA 2007:
Claudia’s 1st roller coaster.
6 Flags Great Adventure, NJ 2008:
This one’s my favorite ever. Everyone’s screaming and I’m calmly reading a book. 
6 Flags Great Adventure, NJ 2008.
Farenheit, Hershey Park, PA 2010:
I wasn’t posing for this one, but had to pick it up when I saw the girl in front of me losing her mind. Ha ha!
Tatsu, 6 Flags Magic Mountain, 2012.
X2, 6 Flags Magic Mountain 2012: If he wasn’t right with God before, he sure was after the ride. Ha Ha!

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