7 Reasons I think games should be a valuable part of your youth group ministry …

  1. Games are universal. I’ve traveled a bit, and I can tell you this: Games are a universal language. I’ve yet to see a country where kids don’t want to play games of some sort.
  2. Games are ideal come-and-see, entry-level activities. Games pull new students into your youth group and provide opportunities for a deeper message. Games help tear down emotional walls and get kids mingling and interacting.
  3. Games stretch your students, encouraging them to take risks. Games can help teenagers develop tolerance, persistence, and patience. Games provide a structure within which those virtues can be practiced.
  4. Games improve problem-solving skills and help kids deal with life’s stresses. The life of a typical teenager is plenty crowded and complicated. A game provides an oasis of laughter and fun. And depending on the game, there’s a chance to do strategic thinking and problem solving.
  5. Games build community, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. Games provide shared experiences that become shared memories. They’re inclusive. And if well led, they foster acceptance.
  6. Games are relevant. Games are all over television and the Internet these days, and teenagers account for much of the popularity of media and video games. Games are relevant to your students because games of all kinds are such a familiar part of teenagers’ landscape.
  7. Games provide good, clean, trouble-free fun. Teens are hungry for wholesome activities in a positive environment. Life is tough enough; kids need to have fun, play, and laugh together. Games provide all that and more. 
(Source: Christie, Les Best-Ever Games for Youth Ministry, Group) To receive 10% off this item click on the 10% off coupon at the top of my blog.

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