Last night we had the conversation every parent dreads. Our oldest was at a friend’s house and our youngest was just hanging with us. Suddenly she said out of nowhere, “I don’t think Santa’s real.” She then went on to list some clues and evidence that seemed to support her theory. We talked about how he could get into the house, how she could explain the video evidence we had of him from a few years ago, who else could possibly eat all those cookies, etc. We then pulled out Santa’s letter to her this year and asked her to read it and tell us what about the letter would lead her to think he didn’t write it. Here are 5 classic statements she made as she read it that had us rolling:

  1. How would he know I like to dance? Is he a stalker or something?
  2. He got me a toy mustang car instead of a real one. What a cheapskate!
  3. How would Santa know I miss my friends in NY. Is he in my heart or something? No!
  4. I don’t want to say he’s not real because then I’ll get on the naughty list if he is real.
  5. Dad, are you seriously Twittering all of this? You’re messed up!
As you can imagine, after all the laughter there were lots of tears. And that was just for my wife and I! Our little girl’s growing up.

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