On Wednesday my Grandma and Grandpa Larkin drove out from Phoenix – where they have been spending the holidays with my Aunt Cindy – to visit us. On Thursday we packed a lunch and enjoyed a beautiful day in Joshua Tree National Park. When we got back to the valley we experienced another stunning sunset. It was great seeing Grandma and Grandpa! Over breakfast this morning I shared with our daughters what a rarity it is to have not only their grandparents, but all of their great-grandparents alive and well, and the privilege and opportunity to spend time with them. Memories to make and moments to be treasured.

One thought on “Grandma and Grandpa Larkin Visit

  1. I love the pics you posted.
    I have to totally agree that your daughters are very blessed to have all their great-grandparents alive. I don't think any of mine were alive when I was born. If they were I don't remember them.
    Kevin you are blessed with a wonderful and rich heritage. Take advantage of it.

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