On Friday Ady and I woke up to a room filled with sunshine at 6am. At 7:30 we were able to fall back to sleep for an hour. At 8:30am we all got up and ready. After some breakfast and devotions we left the cabin at 10:30am and began our trek to Utah. We were just planning on going to our hotel, but Utah was surprisingly beautiful, and we ended up taking an excursion into the Arch National Park in Moab, UT – a great decision! We drove about 10 miles up into some stunning scenery. We got to Blanding about 9:30pm and checked into the first hotel of our trip.

On Saturday we got up at 7am and left the hotel at 8:30am driving through more beauty. I’ve been thinking for the last few days … whoever really believes that God will destroy the earth and start all over again just needs to go to the places we’ve been on this trip to be convinced that God loves the world and does not want to abandon His creation, but redeem it. As Ady said, it’s like we’ve been driving through God’s art gallery. Selah. We stopped at a stand in Navajo nation and bought some nice art pieces from some local Indians. We got to the Grand Canyon National Park after about 3 hours. Visited the overlooks, bought some lunch and souvenirs and drove to our hotel about 3pm. At 4:50pm we boarded a jeep and took a 3-hour safari through the forest and to the canyon to watch the sunset. Spectacular! Got back to the hotel at 8:30pm we walked across the street and had some dinner. We were all whooped. Glad to be heading home to California tomorrow! It’s been an incredible trip for our family!

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