Today I finished reading Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of “The Saint of Calcutta”. It was a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at one of the spiritual heros of our generation. A few things stood out to me in the book:

  • Mother Teresa’s obsession with Jesus. She made a vow to God very early on not to refuse Christ anything, and she did her best to fulfill her vow for the entirety of her lifetime.
  • Her humanity. Believe it or not, she had conflicts, was misunderstood, was impatient, was sometimes short with people, etc. Yep, she was a lot like you and me. 
  • The incredible darkness and spiritual desolation she endured. For almost 50 years Mother Teresa lived with the agonizing pain of interior suffering and contradictions – what John of the Cross called The Dark Night of the Soul
  • Her faith in the midst of darkness. In spite of – or, as she came to embrace – through her suffering she was able to better help others.
  • Her humility and teachability. She was constantly seeking spiritual guidance and input and was willing to humbly embrace direction from her overseers. 
What a fascinating and inspirational woman!

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