Joshua is only in 6th grade, but he already gets it. He understands that the good news of Jesus is not something to be selfishly hoarded, but generously shared with others. A few weeks ago he arrived at our middle school program with three of his friends from school. The next week he invited those three back and more. His dad was so excited and supportive of his passion that he crammed Joshua and six other kids into the car and got them all here where they have been having a blast and hearing the gospel.

Joshua’s passion for the lost is exciting. Wanting to encourage and equip him, a few weeks ago I gave him Greg Stier’s new book Reach Out Don’t Freak Out – a 30-Day devotional for students to motivate them with practical tips for sharing their faith. As he was reading it, God really deepened his understanding and gave him the boldness to do what he did. When I asked him how the book has helped him, Joshua replied, “I learned how to start spiritual conversations with my friends and ask them questions about God.”

If you are looking for simple, practical way to help your students be more effective in reaching their friends for Christ, use the 10% Off Coupon on the top of my page to purchase the book at Simply Youth Ministry. It’s listed under “Books for Students” or you can search for it by title: “Reach Out Student Devotional.”

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