This morning when I woke up I experienced quite a dizzy spell. I tried laying back down but when I got up again it was still there. I got our team down to breakfast but everything was spinning for me. The team prayed for me and I got a bit of sugar into myself and after about 3 hours I was stable – just in time to for church. Our team led the service here at Living Waters. Mike and Peter led us in musical worship, the team gathered into small groups to pray with people from the congregation, Valerie shared her testimony, and I preached. It was a great service and we were glad to be a part of it. After our team small groups we had lunch together then headed to Central Park which tied in with our theme of Rest. We spent an hour and a half walking the park and thinking about the picture of disconnect the park provides and what it means for us as we seek to live God’s way. We then went down to Times Square for a while before heading back to the church for dinner and conversation about our learnings from the day. Melissa Carey, one of our youth leaders, was kind enough to join us for the weekend, but had to return this evening for work tomorrow morning. Adriana will be coming out to be with us tomorrow morning. We are now going into a time of worship as a team. Another good day!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Ride 2011 NYC Day 2 (Sunday)

  1. Hey Everyone, It sounds like you are all having a great time of discipleship, worship, and ministry. I'm praying that God would really speak to all of you.
    PK, I hope that you're feeling better.


  2. What are the theme words for each day? Thank you for the pix, the update. Praying that each day is filled with His glory.
    BEE friend

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