Today I ran to Kohls and bought a new suitcase to bring home all of the resources I got from Group for my team. I then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and spent some time journaling. I then went back to the Devil’s Backbone, but this time I hiked the entire trail. It is a stunningly beautiful piece of God’s artwork. Incredible! After a quick pit stop back at the hotel, I drove to Estes Park. When I arrived the weather changed suddenly from a decent day to very cold and rainy. I picked up a few souvenirs; however, I have only been to one place in all of my travels where finding a plate and a bell (two things we collect) are harder to find, and that was in Africa. I then headed back to Loveland and on the way stopped into Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park and engaged in a prayer experience. It was a wonderful time with the Lord. I then grabbed some dinner and headed back to my room where I ate and watched the MLB playoffs. Tomorrow I head home. Can’t wait to see my girls (including the one who calls me husband)!

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