Today we wrapped up our three days of brainstorming, planning, and leadership community-building at Group. We really accomplished a lot and it was a vigorous, exciting experience to be a part of creating the 2011 Simply Youth Ministry Conference. I was also able to have six of my youth ministry friends record leadership training videos for my adult youth leaders which I will be posting on our Adult Youth Leaders blog in the coming weeks. After The Summit, a handful of us spent the day driving through Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. The mountains were stunningly breathtaking and we saw several herds of elk, one of which we were able to walk within 10 feet of. Absolutely beautiful! We then had dinner together in the park before heading back to Loveland where we spent several hours around the fire at the Gilmour’s home talking about youth ministry. I even discovered that one of the women I worked with all week went to college with my childhood friend, Ryan Swain. So cool! Click here to see my pics from the past three days. Below are also two videos of the elk. Have your volume up and you will here them calling.

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