This video is of the mother of John Ruthven, one of my seminary professors. Very moving!

Beth (Bessie) Ruthven was born in Manitoba, Canada on 1 December, 1908. She was 3 when the Titanic sank, 9 when the Armistice was signed for World War I; she was almost 12 when the first commercial radio station aired; she lived through the Great Depression as an adult; was 36 at the end of WW II; 39 when Israel declared itself a nation (a very moving event for her); and 60 when the first man walked on the moon!
In her lifetime she planted a number of churches by herself, then with her husband, John Marshall Ruthven (d.1994). Her last church was the Lincoln Christian Fellowship, started in 1956. Beth moved to Canada to retire in 1986. She now lives in Shepherd Lodge, Toronto.

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