This morning our team met at JFK at 4:30am. After getting everyone checked in, we prayed together with parents, took a group pic, then got through security, only losing one bottle of sunscreen in the process … not bad for a group of 24. We then left for Miami. There we had time to grab some lunch before catching our flight to Belize. With the two hour time change, we arrived on time at 12:40pm. Went through Immigration fine, got all of our luggage, then went through Customs. They decided to go through every one of our bags. Fun! But, in the end, we made it through with all of our stuff. Pastor Ron, Craig, his daughter Bethany, and three other young people greeted us, and we loaded into the bus for the ride to Belmopan which took about an hour. After an orientation at our home for the nest 10 days called Blue Thumb Missions, which is right across the street from our primary work site, we got our gear into our rooms. Mr. Joe (Blue Thumb missionary) is putting together our bunks, some of the team are assembling fans, a few of the boys went to pour some cement in the post holes at the work site, and Joe’s wife Piper is making us dinner. After dinner we will have our orientation with Craig & Janine Fritzler.

9:20pm – I was working on getting this post up when we had a sudden thunderstorm. Power has been on and off for the past few hours, but the rain has now stopped and the power is back on. We had a nice dinner of chili and corn bread, and then had an orientation with Craig and Jadine. The crew that went to pour the cement got dumped on by the rainstorm but hung in there and got this very important job done so that our work can proceed on time tomorrow. Their boots got soaked and there is really no way for them to dry in this humidity. So, pray that somehow they’ll be able to dry out a bit. Have caught two toads in our room and a good sized beetle, but so far no scorpions or snakes. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Belize Day 1: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

  1. Dear Jackie – So glad to hear that you have hit the ground running. Give God your all, don't hold back. Be a blessing and listen to hear the voice of the Lord. God is so good!! Love and miss you – Mommy xo

  2. Hey Hey Hey I miss you all alot and its only been one day hope everything gos well and i hope the food is good special shout out to mike your xbox is probably here stinks for you haha love you all later – Matthew Dummy Moreo

  3. Dear Jaclyn, Cleaning your room when you get home should be a breeze after all you are doing there lol. Seriously, we are proud of your commitment.Love from Towanda, Aunt Carol and Uncle Frank

  4. Hi guys! Am praying for you this morning. Oh, so it's hot there?? Well, now you can pray for the missionaries in Morocco who go through 120 degrees of heat!! Or the missionaries in Nigeria who don't even have electricity to have a fan blowing. Oh, sorry. Does it sound like I don't have sympathy for you? Sorry. I do sympathize for you as I am drinking my ice water, in my air-conditioned home. Sorry. Pastor Rich

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