I recently gave the most important talk I have ever given in all my years of ministry!

What would happen if your cool spiritual programs were taken away? What would happen if you went off to college and there were no slammin’ programs like your youth ministry back home?
What would happen if the spiritual personalities in your life were suddenly gone? What would happen to your spiritual life if your parents or pastors were not there to motivate you to grow?
We all need to learn how to GROW ON OUR OWN spiritually! That’s why Spiritual HABITS are essential. My desire as a youth pastor is to not just give students a good time for a few years, but to equip and inspire them to pursue God on their own. SimplyYouthMinistry has a great tool resource HABITS which stands for …
Hang Time with God
Accountability Relationships
Bible Memorization
Involvement in Local Church
Studying Scripture
We talked through each of these items, and then unveiled our HABITS Shack which is a place where students can pick up tools that will help them grow in each of these areas. If you would like to order HABITS for your youth ministry, use the 10% Off coupon on the right hand side of my blog for this and any other orders you place at SYM.

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