Well, another winter retreat is in the bag, and I finally have a moment to sit down and blog. This year we saw over 500 people at our retreat, and once again, God was so good to us. Jack Crabtree was our speaker, and he was outstanding, telling stories and teaching the Word of God that really drove home our theme of Upside Down (Pic above shows our stage design … built an entire house upside down. Have such an amazing, incredible team!). He talked about how Jesus turned the worlds of the disciples upside down, and how they then went out and turned their worlds upside down with the love of God. After Edmund was our worship band again this year, and once again they were outstanding. Their love for the students shown by hanging out with them all weekend was really great. And Nubian Gents & Feminine Fire brought the house down. Or should I say, turned it upside down. (Sorry, couldn’t help it. lol!) They were so anointed, and really blew us away.

Today I tried to take a day off and rest, but unfortunately found myself dealing with a few problems – most certainly an attack of the enemy, trying to undermine all the great things that God did in the hearts of our students. I will seek to deal with the issues in grace, try to take it all in and ask what I can do better on my end as a leader, and can do my best to learn, grow, and improve.

God, I ask for Your eyes, Your ears, Your words, and Your heart to respond in Your ways. I thank You for the work that You did this weekend, and I praise You for Your goodness and Your faithfulness. I also thank You for Your Holy Spirit that will be my Helper in dealing with what I need to deal with, and in moving forward. Amen.

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