So the Lord really challenged me about 10 months ago regarding my stewardship of the earth. Ever since we have been very intentional about recycling and doing a better job of managing the waste we produce in our home. 

A few months ago I approached one of the science teachers at our school and asked if I could invite some students to join me in a push to try and get our church and school on the recycling boat. With such a large facility it’s a real shame that we go through so much plastic, paper, and cardboard without any recycling. So, our team has been studying God’s Word for for a theological basis for our presentation, surveying the facilities, and researching recycling. Today we took a trip to the Smithtown Sanitation Department and met with a representative there. He was very helpful. I am now pursuing a couple more meetings and then we are planning to give an official presentation to leadership from the church and school. Pray for us! It’s a big project, but I truly believe it is part of our responsibility as God’s children!

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