One year ago I was barely able to get around using a walker following back surgery. To celebrate the one-year anniversary today I ran in the 27th Annual St. James Fire Department 5 Mile Run. The proceeds from the race went to help burn victims. It was a beautiful day, and I completed the race in 48:31. There were probably 300 runners, and I would say I was in the first 100 or so. The hills wee pretty tough. I run a lot on my treadmill, but I don’t really use the incline, so my body is not used to hills. Next time I will train for them, and I am sure I can improve my time. I just learned of the race two days ago, and, of course, my goal was just to finish. lol

After the run, I ate breakfast with the girls, then we went to the church to serve at our church’s workday. Following that I hung shelves and hooks in their treehouse then did a bunch of yard and house work. Then I crashed! Very full and productive day!

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