In celebration of a major win, I am growing a beard for the next seven weeks. I’m calling it A Big Beard for small groups. Four years ago when I was interviewing for the position I now hold, I explained to the pastors and members of the board that within two years it was my goal to launch small groups as the backbone of our youth ministry. Two years ago we launched. It was an awesome time for me. Through the ups and downs, challenges and rewards, we have kept at it, experimented, and said small groups are a mountain we are willing to die on. Well, I was absolutely thrilled last week when we had 67 students register for & PAY to be in a small group for the next seven weeks for a series we are calling Live Pure based on the Good Sex 2.0 curriculum by Youth Specialties. Just think about that. In two years well over 50% of our students are not only in a small group, they were willing to pay to be in one. Wow! Thank You Jesus! May this be an incredible, helpful, fun experience in authenticity and community that will shape how they view their need for Christ-centered fellowship. Amen.

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