This evening I had to run to Sports Authority to pick up dodgeballs for our Killball Tournament tomorrow night. I took my eldest daughter with me, and before heading home we stopped by Michael’s to get her some supplies for a hobby she is beginning. While in the store I decided to pick up a craft we could do as a family on this our designated family night. I found a Mosaic Stepping Stone. After eating dinner together I mixed the cement and mom and the girls laid out the pieces of broken glass in a pattern that we though symbolized our family. We designed a cross with a heart in the middle and put our first name initials in the four corners along with the year, 2009. It will take two days to completely dry. It was a lot of fun, and a special time of creativity and teamwork. After we finished Adriana went out for coffee with a friend, and my youngest daughter made me some coffee that was really good! She asked if she could have a cup, and I said yes, but then she chickened out. lol!

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