This evening I had so much fun with my daughters. Adriana is in Queens with our worship team which is going to participate in the mass choir for Battle Cry next month. The girls and I ate ice cream and watched some more old family videos. We then had a time of talking and sharing with one another followed by some tickle time and an intense game of hide-n-seek. Yours truly is the master! They even called my cell phone when they couldn’t find me after several minutes. lol

This Sunday we are so stoked to be going to one of our favorite places on the planet – southern California. We will be taking our family vacation as well as attending the Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry Conference at Saddleback Church. I am really excited because this year I am not just attending as a spectator, but as a participant. During the session dealing with the purpose of fellowship I will be joining my youth ministry mentor Doug Fields on stage to share how we fulfill this purpose in our small groups ministry. I will then be a part of a panel that will be fielding questions from the audience. I am humbled and honored by this tremendous opportunity to help other leaders which is my ultimate passion and vision in life.

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