I had an interesting encounter tonight on Facebook. I was reading some messages when suddenly a guy from high school popped up in the chat window asking if I still had contact with someone. I vaguely recognized him, so I went to his page to try to get a visual. Recognizing him we began catching up. At one point he began sharing about some things in life that have been troubling him lately. I could sense that in some way he was attempting to reach out to me. I asked him some questions and prodded him to try and discover what God might be trying to say to him through what he is going through. After several minutes he had to go, but said he would like to continue talking and even invited me to visit him at his home down south.

This was the most recent of a string of interactions I have had with former high school peers. Interestingly, hardly any of them were close friends during our high school years. Never in a million years would I imagine that we would be engaging in meaningful conversations after all these years (16). Yet, I am realizing that while the way I lived my life during my high school days may not have born fruit in terms of lots of kids coming to Jesus back then, it could certainly be accurately described as faithfully letting my light shine and sowing seeds. I don’t know what that led to for most people, but I do know that now, with the advent of social networking and reconnection with former peers, many are recalling that I had something real, and some people, in their times of question, crisis, or confusion, are reaching out to me for a sense of direction, or hope, or encouragement. God is faithful! It’s great to know that when we are likewise faithful to Him, He might just allow us little glimpses of the mosaic He is creating.

2 thoughts on “Still Witnessing to High School Peers

  1. I can attest to Kevin’s desire to live his life for God while in high school, but having struggles with being a Christian witness and accepted by peers at the same time. Most of us who were Christian teens probably felt similar. However, time is not something God “worries” too much about and, even 16 years later, Kevin somehow made an impact in some peer’s life.When the “Hound of Heaven” keeps dogging at one’s life, it then that God uses memories of the past encounters or observations to bring about a connection.Never underestimate the power of a life lived for Christ. Never underestimate the power of social networks in this day and age as a great tool for spreading the Good News!

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