I have been a bit off with my postings the last few days because my computer has been on the fritz. I was receiving messages that my power adapter was bad. My warranty is up, so I had to pay to get a new one. It arrived today, but after hours being plugged in, my battery had not charged a bit. Next thought is the battery, so I ordered one of those to be over-nighted to me. We have our winter retreat this weekend with 500 people attending, and I am responsible for it. Funny thing. Last year, the night before the retreat was to begin my computer crapped out on me as well! Fortunately, my techie boys pulled my hard drive out which contained all of the media for the retreat, and were able to get what we needed off of it. This year I was already planning on making sure I have everything backed up on discs and flash drives, but it’s funny how it’s happening again during the biggest event of my year. After the retreat I am requesting a long-awaited new computer. I am done with Dell! I am either going Mac – which I pray for the patience to learn (I have a Mac at home, but I gave up trying to use it shortly after we got it because I wanted to right-click and Ctrl+Alt+Del and was going crazy!) or probably with an HP. Then I can give my monstrous beast of a lap top (which I say is a laptop for a sumo wrestler it’s so big!) to the tech boys at church who will have a lot of fun with is as it is a gaming machine.

Anyways, that was a lot of rambling. The thing I was going to say is that this year I have resolved to embrace the practice of hand-written journaling. I much prefer doing it on my computer as I can type much faster, but I think there is something nostalgic about a leather journal, and it does force me to slow down a bit while writing which I believe allows me to express my heart in perhaps a deeper way. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of one of my volunteers who gave me a gift card to Barnes & Nobles for Christmas I was able to purchase a beautiful leather journal and I am enjoying writing in it each evening. I am also reading some wonderful new books that I am excited about, which I will blog about upon completion.

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