It would be easy to give a token positive review of this book because it is written by my second-cousin Nate Larkin, but it was simply too good for that. I am being fair, not generous when I say it is one of the best books for men that I have ever read! Samson & The Pirate Monks is a book in which Nate shares candidly about his struggles with pornography and sex addiction, the crisis that initiated his search for help, and his journey of progressive healing with a group of men committed to actively actualizing the freedom offered in Jesus Christ. In addition to sharing his story, Nate offers men a principled and practical outline for establishing what he calls a “Samson Society” so that men can establish and experience authentic brotherhood. Fantastic! A MUST READ FOR EVERY MAN!

Follow this link to visit the website:

Follow this link to hear Nate share his story:

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