My sister April and her husband Lalo …

(Get ready! This is where things get tricky!)

who is my wife’s brother …

(I’ll give you a minute to do the math. It’s not incest, I promise!)

… are here visiting from Virginia for Christmas. They have three little girls ages 4, 2, and 4-months. Yesterday I took their two oldest daughters along with my two to McDonald’s. It was such a blast!

They were very excited about eating their chicken nugget happy meals,

dipping their nuggets in “chik-up” (Ketchup; which interestingly became “ranch” when they dipped their nuggets in it.),
getting “I-geem” (as the two-year-old said – “Ice cream”),
and playing on the playground.

They have also enjoyed coming to my office to see my turtle and get “Keen-E” (candy) from Uncle Kevin’s closet. We have been having a lot of fun hanging out together.

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