On Tuesday I had to do some grocery shopping for our youth leaders’ network Christmas party. When I got to the register, however, I realized that I had forgotten my tax exempt form. I called the church and asked one of the secretaries to fax it to the store. While I was waiting, I allowed a couple of ladies to pass me in line. Having nothing else to do, and waiting near the end of the check out line, I decided to bag their groceries for them. When the first lady realized that I did not work for the store she thanked me for helping, adding that I didn’t have to do it. I told her I was glad to help. On her way out, she told me she had been having a really bad day, and that I had “restored [her] faith in the decency of humanity” through my kindness. I thought that was an intriguing line. Of course, I know that God was using it to do more than that, and ultimately I trust that it was pointing her beyond humanity to our Creator and His love for His children.

2 thoughts on “Another Conspiracy of Kindness!

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