Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This morning I played 3 1/2 hours of touch football with about 25 guys. I was trying to think of the last time I did that, and I think it was about 9 years ago in the Regent Village. Wow! Add to that the fact that 7 months ago I was using a walker after back surgery, and I am thankful for the Lord’s healing touch. I am also so thankful for my beautiful wife and daughters. They are so awesome! After so many years with a house loaded with people for Thanksgiving, this year we decided to enjoy the day by ourselves. Claudia the chef helped mom make the food, and Natalia won the battle of the wishbone and gets to pick out a movie for the family to watch tomorrow night. (Not tonight. Cowboys are playing! lol) We thank the Lord for all of you our friends and family and pray the Lord’s grace upon you during this joyous holiday season!

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