We just arrived home from California. Actually, we thought we were returning home on Saturday, but Thursday night after I had fallen asleep I woke up to check our flight details to send to my mom and discovered that we were supposed to fly home on Friday. Good thing I woke up! Good flights. Crazily, when we were in the Cincinnati airport I saw this guy sitting next to us who looked so familiar. His daughter also looked so familiar. I told my wife I was almost certain that he was a missionary our church supports. Convinced it was him, I finally turned around and waved at him. He smiled and waved back, but didn’t seem to recognize me. I knew if it was our missionary he would have known me, but perhaps the location had thrown him. I asked him if he was from Smithtown, and he said no. I told him that he looked so familiar – exactly like someone I knew (see pics). I just couldn’t shake it. I knew I knew this guy, but from where? Finally our number was called and I said good bye to him. It was bothering me. Where did I know him from? And his daughter – I definitely recognized her as well. On the plane I told Ady that I hoped he was on our plane so I could figure out where I knew him from. However, she said that he was waiting for the flight at the other gate to Utah. Suddenly it hit me! Utah! The man was Ed Smart, and the daughter with him was Elizabeth Smart – the girl who had been kidnapped and was missing for almost a year before being found alive. I couldn’t believe it! Well, that was our bit of excitement for the day. Glad to be home. Great trip.

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