Today we had breakfast at Saddleback and then went over to their new student/community center called The Refinery for a brief tour. It’s a really great place, but Doug was almost apologetic because the whole concept of a youth center really goes against his philosophy of ministry. Nevertheless, the church was determined to build it whether he wanted it or not, so he really oversaw the project to ensure it fostered the purposes and values of the ministry.

Following the tour we had a great day brainstorming with Doug for his rewrite of Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry. Good ideas to enhance and revise the book. We’re going to be submitting some of the side bar comments for the book as well as some other input. It was fun for me as a writer getting a look at the creative process as well as the thought patterns of Doug when he’s working on a book.

After a brief break to freshen up at the hotel, this evening we went for dinner and bowling at Lucky Strikes. It was a lot of fun fellowshipping and rubbing shoulders with so many great youth pastors. We were busting Fields’ chops about his form (see the video), but he was cool under pressure and bowled a decent game beating most of us. lol

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