Today Ady & I left to California for a week of meetings in California with Doug Fields & the Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry Mentors. Our first neat encounter was in Laguardia airport as we were walking to our gate. I spotted Arkansas Governor and recent candidate for President Mike Huckabee. No big crowds. No fan fare. He was just finishing up chatting with a couple, so we stopped by and introduced ourselves. Extremely personable man. Very interested in where we were from, where we were headed. When i mentioned that I was headed to Saddleback he told me that he went to college with Rick Warren in Texas and that they still speak regularly on the phone. He asked us to say “Hi” to Rick for him if we see him during our trip.

On our first flight to Georgia we sat next to a very nice lady who, after striking up a conversation, discovered that we are Christians as she is. I had seen her husband reading Bill Bright’s book Come Change the World. He is a retired Delta pilot and they travel quite a bit to Latin America doing missions work. I gave her my card and also passed along my good friend Bobby Hoyle’s information to her as the work they are involved in is quite similar to his ministry called Lend-A-Hand.

We are now settled into our hotel in Irvine. Ady is out and I am ready to turn in as well. Looking forward to our time here and some fruitful youth ministry talks.

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