Now I’m not saying that I want my office trashed, but I will say that returning from vacation to find it so actually made me feel loved. My fellow pastors unanimously said they would have lost it – that they can’t stand practical jokes. I guess that’s the difference between youth pastors and “real” pastors. lol! A big fan of The Office, my Jr. High Coordinator for the past three years who is leaving to pursue teaching opportunities, Laura, was inspired to wrap my desk and all of my office supplies in tin foil. Some of the students decided to add the touch of reversing everything on my desk and turning all of my pictures and frames backward on the wall. It took me about an hour to unwrap everything and put it all back, but as I did I was able to actually clean my desk and thought about how much I love and appreciate my students and youth workers as I did it. On the desk was a note from Laura telling me she hoped I missed her. I do, Laura. Oh, and Laura, I never forget! Watch your back! lol

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