Today we headed out with the London ladies. Also joining us today was Sue, one of the teens from the church I met last year. She was in a very serious accident, falling from over 30 feet out of a hotel window while on a school trip in Italy. We thank God that she is alive and able to be with us today. We went to Kensington Palace where Princess Diana lived. We enjoyed a picnic and the girls played on The Diana Princess of Whales’ Memorial Playground. It is a great playground that truly honors Princess Di and reflects her heart for children. Complete with a pirate ship, tee-pees, small log cabins with little picnic tables inside, musical instruments, games, a story area, and reflection benches, all of which truly inspire the imagination. It was well done. After a couple of hours at the playground we walked through the gardens and around the outside of the palace. It was a very relaxing day. We are now back at the flat chilling, waiting for Nikki and Pam to join us for dinner. We are turning in early tonight for tomorrow we are taking a day trip to France and we have to leave very early in the morning.

One thought on “London Thursday

  1. I miss the beautiful Ladies of London aka Angela, Clare and Abigail!!!!! Yeah … I def had more fun with them EVERY TIME I have been there… I can’t even keep count!!! 😉

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