Last night I finally, finally slept good. In fact, I slept so good, I decided to keep going through the entire morning. When I woke up at 1pm, the girls had gone to the park with the London ladies. Ady was taking a nap on the bed. After showering, getting ready, and having some breakfast, I enjoyed some peace and quiet reading from two books – Soul Shaper by Tony Jones, and a few readings from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. I also spent some time journaling. When I finished Ady and I spent some time talking, and then I decided to walk down the street to get a coffee. As I was walking out the door, the girls returned from the park. They had a really good time. I walked down to main street and enjoyed a latte at Cafe Nero while I read a paper. I then walked down the street to continue sipping my latte and reading outside on a bench. After about 10 minutes a guy sat down next to me and straight away began rolling a joint. It was comical to me how nonchalantly he just rolled it up and started smoking it right on a busy street. After a bit I returned to the flat where the girls were watching the movie Nanny McPhee. We are now just chilling out. Clare and Abigail have gone to the store to pick up some items for dinner. We are having sausage and mash for dinner. Looking forward to continuing this relaxing day.

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