Today was one of my favorite days ever. I got to hang out with my brother – just the two of us! No wives. No kids. Just the boys! Well, we did miss our families, but I can’t remember spending an entire day alone together since we were kids playing in the woods near our house. Ben and his family have been up visiting with us from North Carolina. He had never been on a train, and had never been to New York City before, so I was glad to be with him as he experienced both for the first time. We hit up just about everything in Manhattan – Times Square, Central Park, 5th Ave, Trump Tower, Chinatown, had dinner at Puglia’s in Little Italy, Ground Zero, the Staten Island Ferry, and of course, Top of the Rock (a fantastic view of the City from 70 stories up … beautiful!). We grew up watching Letterman with our dad, so one of the highlights of the day was visiting Rupert G at the Hello Deli. Good times! I love my little bro, and I was so glad to have such a fun day hanging out together!

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