office_clutterYears ago I watched a video seminar on time management. Apparently, not much stuck, but there is one thing I have never forgotten. In speaking about dealing with clutter (be it on a desk, a pile of mail, or e-mails) author Brian Tracy used an acronym to help in deciding what to do with it. Remember T.R.A.F.

  • Toss
  • Refer
  • Act
  • File

Of course, if you are a youth worker like me, sooner or later you (or, more likely, one of your Jr. High students who see it posted above your desk) will have the revelation that this acronym might be more easily memorized by remembering F.A.R.T. Either way, may this little nugget help you de-clutter, delegate, and empower you to put your energy into what needs your attention.

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