I was in the pizzeria picking up 5 pies for our team last night when I saw a guy walk in with a great t-shirt on. It said, “Champions are made in the off season.” I could not agree more. In fact, for years I have preached preparation to our students — especially when they want to go on a missions trip. Our trips are not just 8 days. They are usually at least 4 months! Four months of team meetings and practices.

Last night our Peru team held its final team practices on U.S. soil. On Sunday we will be prayed over and commissioned at our Syosset campus. On Monday 41 of us will be departing for Lima, Peru. I’m so proud of our students! I know this is a first for many of them to prepare as extensively as we have, but our goal is to fill our ministry tool belt so that no matter what we encounter we can step up and serve. We have now trained to share testimonies, make balloon animals, do face painting, perform skits and dramas, lead group devotions, and we even have musicians to lead worship. We are also taking tools with us to do some work on the church we are working with. Please keep us in prayer as we go to love and serve people in the name of Jesus.

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