From Laura Snyder via Facebook: His blood pressure is currently 119/36. His heart rate has also went down to close to where it should be at 117. It was up in the 170s this morning. He is maxed out on medication to keep it this way but Thank God, his body is responding to it now. He continues to have no brain function. He needs to have that in order to be able to live on his own. We continue to see glimmers of improvement and hope and we know that it is by the Lord’s hand. They told us that he would not last through the first night but they are not the final say. We continue to believe for a creative miracle…David’s brain needs to be completely restored. Tomorrow morning he will have a final brain function test. They will give us their final accessment and we will be able to go from there. We do not give up hope…there are too many people praying for him. We know that with our God all thing are possible…..We believe for the impossible to occur!!!!!!!!

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