I took today off and spent the entire day in the Bronx with my family. My intern and one of my students also came with. We went to the Bronx Zoo until closing and then hopped a few miles down to Yankees Stadium for a game against the Texas Rangers. It was a close game, but the Rangers won 2-1. The thing that I was most excited about was that we got to meet up with two of my childhood friends whom I hadn’t seen in 17 years. They flew out from Nebraska to take in a series at Yankees’ Stadium since this is the final season that the Yanks will be playing there before moving into their new stadium in 2009. The last time I saw them they were 7 and 2 years old! Crazy! Their dad and my dad were best friends when we lived in Texas. Their mom was my first grade teacher. They also have a brother in between them – Bryan Frew – who was unable to join us because he was drafted a couple of weeks ago by the Phillies, so he is actually playing baseball in the minor leagues. The most awesome moment during the game was when my daughters made it onto the jumbo tron! That was fantastic! (See Picture!) It was a 14-hour, fun-filled family day. Even the traffic was almost eerily smooth.

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