Rick Warren @ SGT

Last week we had the privilege of hosting Rick Warren at our church. He was in town in partnership with Long Island Youth For Christ to raise awareness about a new ministry called the Prodigal House as well as other youth organizations on Lond Island. The Prodigal House is a home being established for ministering to troubled teenage boys and their families. It was a great night which also featured Sean Hannity.

Gonna Be A Daddy Again

My wife and I just found out that we are going to have another baby! It’s sort of mixed emotions. Our two daughters are 6 and 10, and will be almost 7 and 11 when the baby is born. We kept going back and forth as to whether we were going to have any more children, but we were leaning 80% toward no. However, God thought we needed another one, so we’re happy for the addition. We’re also a little nervous about starting over again. We went to Babies R Us the other day. We were totally loving all of the cute clothes, but then we went to the back of the store and it really started making me sweat! The cribs, strollers, rockers, diapers, safety decives for the house … all over again. We started to think, “What in the world have we done?” Well, the great thing about babies is as soon as you see them, every doubt is erased and replaced with sheer joy! Thank you Lord for entrusting to us another child! Thank you that you have a tremendous plan and purpose for this child. Please help us as we lead and shepherd him or her in your ways. May it grow healthy in mom’s tummy! Amen!